Monday, May 24, 2010

What things can your pet do that won't make you mad, but would infuriate you if your friends did it?

Climb in bed with me and lick my nose.if my friends did that I may have to lay them out flat!
Pee on my tires.
Beg at the dinner table.
It would sure distress me if my friends behaved the same as my cat does..In PUBLIC! Licking itself everywhere!
In fact, I would get upset with my friends if they kissed me, as my dog does..
i guess it would be licking me, biting, jumping on me pulling me down the road on a leash, and making me carry them down the road when their scared of the cars ive got a half grown english mastiff so its pretty tough
lick my face.
my dogs jump on our sofas.and i get really mad when my friends kids do the same
Poop in my yard and not clean it up.
Drip from his nose all over my house.
Attempt to eat cat poop when I'm not looking.
Like their as ses and rub their butts on my floor
If my friends pooped on the floor I would be hella mad.
Slobbering every where or licking their private parts in public places.
Lick his balls in front of company

what the hell is hell?

like, what is it?
This question should not be in the pets category.
It's like.Hell!
Its damnation.Its a person being helpless while being tortured by fire etc. forever without any way out.Try reading Revelations its the last chapter in the Holy Bible.
After you die, your deeds will be calculated.

For every bad deed you commit in your life, you will have to repay the damage you've done to the society, surroundings, etc.

Hell is a place where you will be burnt for years, where 1 day is not of 24 hours, but much much more than that, which I'm unable to recollect.

Hence a request, avoid committing bad deeds.
From my understanding it is the place to where all unsaved people go. There is no quenching of thirst, no rest for your weary head, no pain is to great there, It is your worst nightmare and beyond. You never and never will see anything like it while you are alive that goes for heaven to. There is nothing like them on earth. They are the best and the worst of all that you can imagine and more.
It's a place where vile evil sadistic things are going on that your mind could never comprehend, even in your worst night mares.

what the hell is a hydra?

what is a hydra?
Lernaean Hydra, a mythological many-headed serpent
Hydra (constellation), the largest of the modern star constellations
Hydra (moon), the third moon of the planet Pluto.
Hydra (genus), a genus of simple fresh-water animals of the class Hydrozoa
Hydra-Centaurus Supercluster, a supercluster of galaxies
Hydra, Saronic Islands, a Greek island
Hydra the Revenge, a roller coaster at Dorney Park
Hydra may also mean:

HMS Hydra (A144), a Royal Navy deep ocean survey vessel
Hydra (Atari), a 1990 arcade video game by Atari
Hydra (chess), a chess computer
Hydra (operating system), a distributed operating system
Hydra (server), the name of the Beta Test Server of the XBOX 360 version of FFXI
Hydra (software), a software used to test weak computer network passwords
Hydra 70, an air-to-ground rocket
The Hydra, a literary magazine once edited by Wilfred Owen
Hydra Console, a forthcoming games console, in development by Andre LaMothe
Hydra may be a fictional name:

Hydra (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas vehicle), a jet in the video game GTA: San Andreas
HYDRA, a fictional secret criminal organization in the Marvel Universe
Hydra, a space fighter in the video game series Colony Wars
Hydra, one of two Legendary Air Ride machines in the video game Kirby Air Ride
Mother Hydra, co-ruler of the Deep One race and consort of Father Dagon in the fictional Cthulhu mythos
The Hydra, a Cthulhu Mythos deity created by Henry Kuttner
The Hydra, Shao Kahn's animality in the Mortal Kombat: Annihilation film
A nickname for Hydralisk, a unit belonging to the Zerg race in the sci-fi strategy games Starcraft and Starcraft: Brood War
The Spitting Hydra, a multi-targeting high-voltage electricity weapon in the popular Ratchet %26 Clank PS2 video game series.
The Dualhead Hydra, a major enemy from Square's console role-playing game Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
The Hydra flak tank of the Imperial Guard in the Warhammer 40,000 universe
Multi headed monster
a mythacal dragon with 7 heads
Hydra is a new microarchitecture that combines shared-cache multiprocessor architectures, innovative synchronization mechanisms, advanced integrated circuit technology and parallelizing compiler technology to produce breakthroughs in microprocessor cost/performance and parallel processor programmability. In Hydra, four high performance processors are integrated on a single die. Hydra represents a new way to build microprocessors that will demonstrate that it is possible for a multiprocessor to achieve better performance and better cost/performance than wide superscalar mircroarchitecture on sequential applications. Hydra will use a single chip shared cache architecture to fundamentally improve the communication bandwidth and latency between multiple processors. The shared-cache architecture takes advantage of the on-chip bandwidth to provide an order of magnitude improvement in interprocessor communication and synchronization latency compared to current-bus based multiprocessor implementations. This will improve parallel processing efficiency to the point that it is feasible to exploit fine-grained parallelism in sequential programs with a multiprocessor.

The shared-cache architecture and the support for specialized synchronization makes Hydra an ideal target for emerging parallelizing compiler technology. Most of this technology has focused on parallelizing applications into large grains so they will work efficiently on current multiprocessors. With Hydra we will have the ability to exploit fine grained parallelism and so we will develop parallelizing compiler technology that is capable of extracting this sort of parallelism. Using these automatically paralleled applications, we will evaluate Hydra's shared-cache and synchronization mechanisms. This will be the first such evaluation of a shared-cache architecture.

hydra is plant
multiheaded giant lizard whose heads grow back when cut off, two for one, unless you burn the neck shut, hercules killed the hydra in greek myth.
Mythical creature
A Greek Mythological creature with seven, ugly hideous heads.
spydey copied all that stuff from Wikipedia! CHEATER!
I've no idea, but it sounds like some sort of pokemon.

Hydra, I choose you!!
its also the name of a navy fighter jet in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, you have to steal one from the ircraft carrier in Mike Toreno's "Vertical Bird" mission.
dgad geh haerh ah ahwr h hher hea Just ganing points
Basically a plant or a mythicial being but it is something, I think, related to a protiest

what temperature do hamsters need to live in?

The perfect place for the hamster's home is a well-lit room of constant, moderate temperature (18 to 26锟紺, 64 to 80锟紽), in a place out of strong sunlight that could cause dangerous heating.
I have no interest in hamsters.
350 for 10 -12 minutes turning half way thru
Above 30 I think it is. Standard hamsters go into hibernation.
Hamsters have a good fat content..
The microwave
They're mammals so they need a warm environment. Treat them as if they were cats dogs. They're indoor pets so they shouldn't freeze out in cold winter. Ask your pet shop or search the internet for more info on exact room temperature.
Hamsters need a water bottle, non wood-based bedding such as straw or . do best
as indoor pets, preferring an average room temperature of 65 to 75 degrees .
100 degrees to make in a roasted and below 0 degrees to make it a ice cube,27- 36 just nice.
around 27 to 37 degree celsius. if its too hot u will get a roasted hamster. ermm..
Hamsters need to live in a room at standard room temperature off of the floor and away from draughts and bright sunlight.
my friend have one and she just kept it on her desk and didn't worry about- if it's good 4 u then it's good for you- don't put it ou side anything in door is ok.

what tempatures can guinea pigs live in?

any temperature that you are comfortable in should be fine. remember that piggies are smaller than you and don't let them stay in a cold room or under a draft. when it is hot they will need to be cool, also so don;t keep them outdoors. our long haired piggy got too hot during the hurricane evacuation (it took 4 hours to travel 30 miles) and he died in the car.
i dont know sorry. Try and keep them at standard room temprature
room temperature they don't need a big light over them
Between 65 - 75 degrees (18 to 24 degrees C) is suggested. Indoor housing is highly suggested, too.

This site has good housing tips (and a lot, lot more!) -
Room tempature is most comfortable.

What strategies do you use to make your house round and using its hind end ?

I'm having difficulty with my horse. I was curious to see if there were any better ways than what ive been trying.
Well, first of all, make sure that you're sitting nice and deep in your saddle, keep your wieght just slightly behind the horses center of balance.
Work off a 20 - 30 meter circle to begin with, this will help the horse to collect more easily. To encourage the use of its back end, place ground polls roughly 1 - 1.3meters apart, and trot over them. I've found this method especially effective, and you cant do any damage over ground polls.
you will feel as soon as the horse begins to collect.
and by "collection" im not meaning a shortened stride, im meaning that the horse will begin to use itself correctly. Also alot of slow hill work (walking and trotting) this will also help the horse to use the hindquarter effectively.
Also, elastics are very good, as you dont have to hold them, they just sit over the horses poll, and through the bit, and down between the front legs to the girth, almost like running reins, but much kinder and far more flexible as the horse can still lift its head if it wants to, but the tension on the elastic kind of discourages it.

Ummmm..drop me an email, or IM me, im online now, maybe i can help some more, i doalot of work with racehorses, teaching them how to use their hindquarters, etc.
Hi there;
By round do you mean you wish your horse to roll back using the hind end (where the power is) or you mean more collected and not cracking in the back?
I think I can help with the working off the hind a bit.
You will need to do ring work with this trick; using the rail, keep your horse one half a horse length away then turn your horse into from the rail for a reverse position using your outside leg. (the outside leg is the leg away from the turn). Make sure that your horse is nicely squared off before the turn.
If this is something new to your horse then always begin teaching this move at the full stop, then work your way to a walk, jog, lope. Work both ways of the ring so you do not end up with a one direction horse.
Personally I like the ground work to be solid before asking any horse to do anything new or potentially confusing.
Watch someone else ride your horse to see if the horse is up on the bit and is well collected. Ask yourself is the horse moving forward or just moving. When moving forward are you seeing ears/tail swishing/twitching? Is your horses mouth constantly working with the bit? These are signals that perhaps a change in the tack would help to get your horse thinking more on what the rider is asking of him/her. Ask for clean stops and willing starts regardless of gait.
As for rounding, I am going to assume your horse is hollowing out in the back. It is essential that your body position as well as your leg position be correct. Check to make sure that you are not sitting with your weight too far forward nor with your legs too far behind you. Your seat is critical if you want to round your horse's back so it can work more easily from its source of power.
The best way to correct your seat (if that is what is a issue) is to sit on your horse at the stop and ask your self these questions:
If my horse were to bolt like a cartoon caricture (which mine has lol) and I should end up with a split second of air time would I end up on my face? On my feet? Or on my rear end?
On my face, you are too far forward.
On my feet you in a balanced seat for your horse.
On my rear, you are behind your horse and sitting right on his/her power plant. Correct the seat and your legs should fall where they need to be.
Gee, I hope some of this helps a bit. Good luck with your mount.
PS. Never let your outside leg drop behind the cinch when attempting a rollback.

What store can you get a hamster harness?

Petco? Petsmart? something like that!
Superpet has them. Some place like petco may have them.
Depends where you live.If you live neer a pet grooming shop i recommend that you check it out they might have one. Or if you live neer a store called: Safari,Animals Home,Animal Tycoon, and if that does not help you can go to a local vet and ask if they have or if they no a store that might have
petsmart- they have almost everything i always go there 4 my hampsters and dogs and cat and lil fishes.
Don't bother, they chew through them.
try looking on yahoo shopping, ebay, petco and petsmart. Don't spend to much on it becuase some hamsters don't like them, and would rather run around freely in a run-about-ball (sold in ANY decent pet store ^_^). Good luck.
petcetra has them
Petland, but I don't think rodents actually like those 'pet leashes'
I would seriously consider a ball instead of a pet leash for a hamster.

1. its less stressful- I've seen a hammie come in with wet tail which is a deadly disease for them- stress is one big cause of wet tail- and this hammie was being trained to walk on a leash and just got stressed out.

2. its less restrictive and gives them freer ranges

3. they feel more comfortable in a ball than they do on a leash

4. They will chew through a leash.

They've got cool new excersise balls for them now. one shaped like a motorcycle (the ball is the front wheel) one shaped like a race car- various colored ones. so you have a good variety to choose from. but that's the way to go in my opinion.

even my rabbit hated her leash to the point she almost broke her arm trying to pull out of it. so. just keep that in mind.

Petsmart is the best place to go tho. some of their stuff is cheaper if you have their free savers card.